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iHearing Aid can help hearing issue people to make a conversation easily.Based on multi-tasks feature in IOS4,this APP can work in the background,so you can do anything else while it working, and It is easy to use as well, turn it on,adjust cut off level (for environment noise cancellation,"+"button means cut more off) or use default settings,then you are good to go.

This APP requires cord headphones plugged in the devices, no support for wireless headphones and Bluetooth.

This APP is compatible with iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4, iPod touch 3/4.

This APP requires IOS4 or later.

For better performance , please don't cover mic.



What is the requirement for my iPhone/iPod touch?
Which iOS version does this app apply?
How does iHearingAid work £¿
No sound or audio settings conflict with other apps£¿
What is the cut-off button £¿
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¡¡ What is the requirement for my iPhone/iPod touch? Return

This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4 and ipod touch 3/4

¡¡ Which iOS version does this app apply? Return

For iOS4.0 or later.

¡¡ How does iHearingAid work ? Return

With default settings, turn on the power button,you are good to go, press again,turn it off. You can change settings any time,such as volume and cut-off level(cut noises,press "+" ,cut more,press "-" cut less). Based on multi-tasks feature in IOS4, this app can work in the background while you listening music or playing games.

¡¡ No sound or audio settings conflict with other apps ? Return

Make sure the power button is on. If interrupted by a phone call or clock alarm, it will recover automatically after last sessions done.
In some cases, some other apps force iPhone into Speaker mode, it will affect this app since echo issue and this app is not designed to work in that mode. What you need to do is to change back to iPhone earphone mode or reset this app. In reverse, some other apps can only work in earphone mode while this app working. if you need those apps still work in Speaker mode, you have to quit this app.

¡¡ What is the cut-off button ? Return

This app measures signals level by DB, any signals or noises under the specific level will be cancelled.

¡¡ More questions? Return

Please email us at support@mobilehaha.com, we will be happy to assist you, thanks.