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Notepad With Auto Voice Recorder And Camera


This app is a very powerful tool to help you create an effective and valuable Multimedia note than ever. In addition to a full Notepad functionality, record note with real time mark being inserted while recording can help you locate the right audio clips effectively, silence-free(10 seconds redundancy) auto recorder is more suitable for long time recording. Photo features with gesture zoom/slideshow/import/export/email/album/photo taken within this app can help you record the real scene vividly, save your time. All of these text notes,recorded sound and photos are combined into a HTML file (mmNotepad.htm), and they can be downloaded easily via iTunes file sharing function so that you can browse on your computer. Notes and photos can be exported via eMail separately at any time. SuperNote is good for business people and students.

From now on, you can type your notes while recording, or modify your notes while listening to the recorder. Adjust the recording threshold properly, this app can record any sounds above the threshold automatically, each audio clip is saved with time label, inserting real time mark while recording can help you locate the corresponding audio clips quickly.

SuperNote is a good helper on many occasions: lecture, meeting,interview,conference,classroom etc. , you can also use it as a multimedia memo for yourself.

More features as follows,

* Full Notepad functionality, create/copy/cut/paste/replace/undo/delete any text notes, powerful search capabilities for any texts in the entire database, export text data via email, clipboard support,easily import text data from other apps via copy/paste, flip effect , more fonts selection etc.

* Quickly locate audio clips via real time mark inserted in a note during recording.

* Silence-free auto recorder, recording automatically based on the threshold (10 seconds redundancy, means it continues to record 10 seconds more after the sound strength less than the threshold). Any audio clips can be accessed, and played back by single or groups (check the Auto Play circle) .

* Full photo album features,especially gesture zoom feature can help you to get more details from a photo, slideshow feature can show you the whole procedure vividly, other features including: take a photo within this app,swipe,email,export/import etc.

* Support iTunes file sharing function, each directory corresponds to each record in the database. All original resource files are stored in the corresponding directory, the main file is named as mmNotepad.htm.

[Tips for using]

* If the red light flashes, that means the real recording is in process based on the threshold automatically. If the red light stays on only,not blinking, that means it is ready to record automatically, you can adjust the threshold at any time, if it is 0, you can control recording manually, press Rec/Stop to switch.

* If you need to turn off keyboard click sound during playback, go to settings ->sounds->Keyboard Clicks.

*For iTunes sharing function, connect your devices to computer ->iTunes ->Devices->Apps - > File sharing ->Apps->MM Notepad->select and save to.

If you have any other issues ,please contact us via support@mobilehaha.com


Can I delete files on my device via iTunes ?
Why does my app fail to record sound
Why is the sound volume lower
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Can I delete files on my device via iTunes ? Return

Not suggest to do that, because each directory corresponds to each record in the database of this app,and this app is still alive in the memory, if you delete them via iTunes instead of this app, this app would fail to access these resources, and it will experience no access error, you can see error message there, just do it as suggestions to fix it. The basic idea is to just quit this app from memory, and reopen it. Remember back up first always.

Why does my app fail to record sound Return

Check storage volume first,then make sure the corresponding directory is still existing via iTunes, If you delete the directory via iTunes instead of this app, the app is still in the memory and still remember that directory , you need to delete this directory from this app to get rid of this invalid directory, whatever you do, back up first always (copy or email).

Why is the sound volume lower Return

In addition to the sound sources, the other factors as follows,all your apps in your device share the same audio hardware, if some other apps force your hardware to headphone mode instead of speaker mode, the sound volume would be lower.If you like speaker mode, just reset the hardware, go to a easy way, reboot your devices.

More questions? Return

Please email us at support@mobilehaha.com, we will be happy to assist you, thanks.