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Deep Sleep Aid


By listening to brainwaves in this app for 20 minutes before sleep, you will get a deep sleep quickly. The quality of 5 hours deep sleep is much higher than 10 hours light sleep. By playing sounds contained alpha and delta wave,it can help users adjust their brain waves to deep sleep state gradually.

The same person trapped in the awake and nap time needs different brain waves, the software takes into account this case and provides users a select function. (note the volume should be appropriate.)


* The two specially designed brainwaves corresponding to wide awake state and normal state, it is more effective and easy to use.

* 3D cartoon UI and changeable background pictures(just slide your fingers on it).

* Fade out.

* Easy timer setting.

* use of "Binaural frequency difference" technology.

* Support background audio mode.

* Easy guide included.



What is the requirement for my devices?
Which iOS version does this app apply?
what is "Deep Sleep" ?
How does it work ?
Tips for using
More questions ?

  What is the requirement for my devices? Return

This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4,iPod touch 3/4

  Which iOS version does this app apply? Return

For iOS4.0 or later.

  What is "Deep Sleep" ? Return

Generally speaking, it is the best and the deepest stage of human sleep, during that time, your brain is in the least active state, brain waves appear in the range of 0.5Hz and 3.5Hz, totally can not hear outside sounds, others are difficult to wake you up, this is the highest quality of sleep. After wake up, you will fell more energetic and refreshing. The quality of 5 hours deep sleep is much higher than 10 hours light sleep.
About brainwave
Brain waves on EEG technology reveal human brain activity during sleep state, human sleep is divided into four stages, corresponding to Beta (14 ~ 38Hz), Alpha (8 ~ 13Hz), Theta (3.6 ~ 7.9Hz), Delta (0.5 ~ 3.5Hz), Delta brain wave is what we call deep sleep EEG.

  How does it work? Return

According to the waking state respectively, choose to use different brainwaves contained different leading signal. Leading wave can help users relax first, then the main part of brainwaves gradually adjust user’s brain wave to Delta brainwave state, so as to achieve a deep sleep.

  Tips for using Return

1. Must wear headphones, use of modern technology, "binaural frequency difference" in the brain produce extremely low frequency signals, left and right headphones are required to achieve;

2. Relax and be ready to accept brain waves psychologically;

3. Don’t forget to set up the timer, repeat listening is not recommended, because the EEG frequency has been set up in stages of a sleep cycle.

4. Feel wide awake, better to use it for 20 minutes, normally 15 minutes or 20 minutes.

  More questions? Return

Please email us at support@mobilehaha.com, we will be happy to assist you, thanks.