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Password protect your photos and prevent others peep, it can be set in any letters and numbers combination, even a sentence, not only numbers. Using Apples keychain service in this app, nobody can crack the password, and this app's login password is stored in your iPhone keychain service.

Password login screen will be activated whenever your iPhone left in a lock status, home button pressed, any coming calls, SMS and wake up Clock etc. You just use your app as usual, nothing special, your app is secured automatically.

More features as follows,
* Take private photos within this app
* Import photos from your iPhone/iPod albums
* Customize your own albums within this app
* Slideshows support
* Multi-touch gesture zoom and swipe
* Copy,move delete any photos
* Unlock and share with others by exporting photos to iPhone/iPod library
* Share photos via Email
* Retina display support


Why didn't delete photos automatically after imported to this app ?
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Why didn't delete photos automatically after imported to this app ? Return

Due to Apples restrictions, it is not allowed by us to delete photos from the native Photos library. You must delete them by yourself after importing them into this app.

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Please email us at support@mobilehaha.com, we will be happy to assist you, thanks.