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Relax and Sleep With Custom Sound Effects


This app is the best customizable relaxation and sleep aid application with nature sound effects and temple music.

Listening to nature sounds is the most natural and healthy way to get relaxation and improve sleep quality, everyone has their own unique sensory, customizing sound effects is the best way to realize this purpose. With the help of it's unique three sound tracks design and 45 nature sounds and temple music in the library, this app can help you to create more than eighty thousands of lifelike sound effects, you can save any sound combination as a favourite and use it next time.


Three independent sound tracks player, any combination can be saved as a favourite.

Up to 45 ambient sounds to choose from to create more than eighty thousands of sound effects.

Multi-tasks and background audio support.

Easy timer setting.

Fade out.

Ambience list including nature sounds and relaxation temple music as follows, Beach, Water Flowing, Water Drop, Heavy Rain, Light Rain,Wind and Rain,Breeze Blowing,Strong Wind,Church Bell, Percussion Instrument,Monks Chanting,Temple Music,Firework0,Firework1,Firework2,Clock1,Clock2,Blow Dryer,Fan,Vacuum Cleaner,Shower,Fireplace,Wind Bell,White Noise,On The Train,Helicopter,Bird,Bird1,Thrush Bird Singing,Cuckoo,Rooster Crow,Ducks Swimming,Geese,Seagull,The Owl's Hoot,Forest Crickets,Field Crickets,Frog01,Frog01,Cow,Dog,Sheep,Horse Tramp,Walking Horses,Dolphin.


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This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4,iPod touch 3/4

Which iOS version does this app apply? Return

For iOS4.0 or later.

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All iPhone audio apps share the same hardware, if one of app puts audio device into headphone mode, no audio can be hered via speaker, or if it is using recorder, the hardware could turn off player function, no audio can be heard.It is normal for some apps which couldn't work at the same time.

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