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My Safe Notes-Free Version


Dual passwords design -Main password and Ghost password,protect your private information, and they can be set in any letters and numbers combination, even a sentence. Using Apples most secure keychain service in this app, your passwords are very safe, and they are stored in the keychain of your device's operating system separately

Password login screen will be activated whenever your iPhone left in a lock status, home button pressed, any coming calls, SMS and wake up Clock etc..

More features as follows,
* Login with ghost password doesn't show any information protected by main password, both cases does have the same functions.
* Support for creation, deletion, copy, cut, paste,replace,search,undo(show up by shaking your devices) of notes.
* Support clipboard feature, very convenience to import words info directly from other Apps.
* Export info via eMail.
* Support flip effect.
* In browse mode, first press and hold the corresponding content location,after flashing cursor shows up, double-click to enter edit mode, the cursor can jump directly to a specified location.
* Automatically identifying telephone numbers, addresses,websites etc., press and hold the corresponding contents, the action sheet would show up, you can call a contact ,add contacts, send text messages or go to Internet etc..
This app is a free version of My Safe Notes, some restrictions apply for it, if you need to remove them,please buy a full version.


What is the difference between this app and my native notes app ?
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What is the difference between this app and my native notes app ? Return

This app has got the same functions and similar user interface as your native note app except for ours extra password protection feature.

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Please email us at support@mobilehaha.com, we will be happy to assist you, thanks.