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Mute-Free Recorder


Mute-Free Recorder is a very handy tool which can work in the presence of sounds only, and it can avoid mute sounds automatically,10 seconds margin. All files are named by the date and time label, accurate to the second. The threshold value can be set by moving the slider,very simple to use.

With this app, it can help you in many scenarios,such as snoring record, dream talk, classroom, lecture,meeting and even any important conversation.

Compared with continuos recording, It can save power and flash capacity as well as extend recording time without missing valid information. When playback, it can save your time,no waiting (10 seconds margin only).

When you need continuous recording, set the threshold value to zero. In this case, each file will be saved by every maximum 60 minutes plus 10 seconds margin automatically, or you can stop recording at any time. The indicator flashing means valid recording happening (10 seconds margin after the sound strength less than the threshold value).

All recorded files can be saved to your computer via iTunes file sharing function.


What is the requirement for my devices?
Which iOS version does this app apply?
How does it work ?
How to name a Label ?
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What is the requirement for my devices? Return

This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4,iPod touch 3/4

Which iOS version does this app apply? Return

For iOS4.0 or later.

How does it work? Return

1. Press power button, you can see signal strength bar moving, then slide the thumb to set the threshold(0.00~1.00), the value will be saved for next time use.

2.If the indicator start flashing, that means a real recording start. check the recorded files,some test files will be there .

3.In each scenario, the threshold value could be different, set it according to the situation. For example,for snoring and dream talk recording at night, set the value to 0.05, but at daytime, you probably have to set it at 0.10.

How to name a Label? Return

A label is named as a additional part of a file name.For this app, we make it simple as follows, a file name got a limitation in length, less than 125 characters, as for kinds of characters, fow MAC, you can use any characters as you like, but for Windows, you have to follow some rules to name a file, you cann't use /\*:|?<>" in your lable, otherwise iTunes will report a error "XXXX could not be copied because an error occured,the required file cannot be found", what you need to do is to modify the name as Windows' requirement.

More questions? Return

Please email us at support@mobilehaha.com, we will be happy to assist you, thanks.