GroupSMS Go - Free Version


This app is a free version of GroupSMS Go, it is a great tool to help you to send group messages effectively and easily.

Features as follows,

* Easy to customize a group to send messages.

* Multi contacts selection at one time,more flexible.

* Powerful search capabilities for any names in the entire address book being imported.

* Sort contacts by alphabet.

* Import all of contacts from your address book automatically as well as extract mobile numbers and iPhone numbers.

* Mixed use of Chinese and English languages by Pinyin and alphabet ordering for fast retrieval.

* Refresh button can update contacts and groups information at any time as well as reset the selection list, very easy to sync with your address book.

* Clipboard support,when creating a message, you can import any words info from other apps by copy/paste.

****** 简洁、高效、有序及定制群组和强大的搜索能力******



* 可定制任何群组群发;

* 一次可选多个联系人群发,非常灵活;

* 强大的搜索能力可轻松查询整个通讯录,智能搜索技术,每次输入都能实时反馈搜索结果到列表中;

* 中英文语言混合采用汉语拼音和英文字母排序,非常方便快速浏览查找;

* 智能提取移动电话号码和iPhone号码,自动过滤掉非手机号码和没有手机号码的联系人;

* 刷新按钮可随时同步手机的地址本,更新所有的联系人和自定义群组的联系人电话资料,同时可复位前次的选择列表;

* 剪贴版支持,编辑短信时,可以从第三方的软件通过拷贝和粘贴剪贴版导入文字资料。

常见问题答疑 F.R.Q.

What is the requirement for my iPhone?
Which iOS version does this app apply?
How does this app work ?
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What is the requirement for my iPhone? Return

兼容iPhone 3GS/4,不支持iPod touch.
This app is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, not for iPod touch

  需要哪一个版本的IOS ?
Which iOS version does this app apply? Return

IO4及最新版.For iOS4.0 or later.

How does this app work ? Return

开启本软件后,首先自动从你的地址本提取移动电话/iPhone号码 (如果是空的组项,则忽略)显示给用户,然后用户可在"全部移动号码"中一次性选择所需要的所有联络人写短信群发,中英文语言混合采用汉语拼音和英文字母表排序,操作快速简洁.

After start up, this app extracts mobile phone/iPhone numbers (the item is ignored if no mobile/iPhone numbers existing) from your address book first, then go to "All Contacts" which including all mobile/iPhone numbers, you can pick all you need to write and send a text message at one time.For Chinese and English language, mixed with Pinyin and alpheat sorting, very fast and simple operation.

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