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GPS Tracker - Follow You,Follow Me-Free Version


This app provides the ability for users to track each other and see each other's historical GPS records based on user authorization mechanism. All your friends can be located and shown inside one map which keeps updating at interval set by each person. The system is composed of our server and this app,only people who get your permission can access your locations data.


+ Safe and Accurate Positioning - Sharing your positions and movement tracks with people who get your permission only, and GPS is configured with the best accuracy.

+ All-In-One Mode - All your friends can be located and tracked inside one map. All positions can be updated at interval set by each person, you can also follow each person and query their historical records up to 72 hours separately.

+ Easy to configure your own authorization list - After signing in, if you want to follow others or invite them to follow you, all you have to do is to send or receive an authorization code created by the server via simply clicking on a button. If you want to prevent someone else from accessing, simply delete them from your list or just sign out.

+ GPS background mode - After signing in, GPS will be activated and start to collect locations data periodically in the background. All online and offline GPS data can be uploaded to the server automatically, if you want to stop the app, simply sign out, GPS will stop immediately.

+ Pin and line modes - all GPS locations data can be shown at the way of pin and color line modes,you can also find more details about each point,such as the date and time,street and city name etc..

If you have any issue, plesase contact us at support@mobilehaha.com